3-Steps to Build a Home Based Business With No Advertising Budget

There are roughly 3 steps towards building a home based business with no advertising budget. Of course if you have an advertising budget you will be able to move along faster and build your business more quickly but not everyone starts off at the same financial place so this article will show you how you can build a strong business with no advertising budget over time. Please note these methods will work if you apply them continuously. They are not designed to be used one time but rather numerous times over a long stretch of time.

Step 1: Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the first steps you can take to market your business and this can be an effective tool if it is done correctly. If you are only thinking about using the articles to promote your business you will find that it is difficult to get your articles approved and the chances of your article being read will also decrease. Write unique content that is relevant to what you are looking to promote and dedicate yourself to your goals. The more articles you write the more exposure you will have. If time is a concern you can start with one article per week and gradually increase. Objective is at least 5 articles per week if not more.

Step 2: Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are a good way to increase exposure to your business but again this is about consistency. If you don't have a group of people already following you, the first step will be to start following others and posting content that offers value. For example, if your business is in the health and wellness industry post interesting facts about health related topics or things that people may want to know about health or how to become healthy. Once you have a built a stronger base you can start to share with them about the business that you are in. Remember social media is going to take some time to build so consistency is the key to success here.

Step 3: Video Marketing

Video marketing while a form of social media is different in that you have the opportunity to share with your prospects using the visuals that you are unable to do with article marketing and social media marketing. The end result of using video is it allows you the opportunity to engage with your viewers in a different way. The more invested your viewers are in the content you are providing the more exposure you will have for your home based business.

You now know 3 different steps and methods that you can use to build your home based business with no advertising budget. These methods do work and some of the most successful home business owners use these methods virtually exclusively in order to grow their business with the lowest out of pocket expense possible.

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