Network Marketing VT

With all the different program's out there it can be difficult to sort through and find the one that is genuinely going to help you make money for the long term and provide you with good sustainable income for the long haul.

Network Marketing VT is a marketing program you may have come across that promises much but the question is; does it actually deliver and give you the results you are looking for?

What Network Marketing VT promises is that you will not have to sell anything personally to anyone to earn money; in fact you don't even have to speak to anyone because the whole system is designed to be totally automated in the way it works.

The other thing to note is that it promises you a 100% commission on sales.

If you're wondering what the catch is then read on and find out.

Network Marketing VT launched in January 2012 by CEO Jason Spurlock. Before forming Network Marketing VT, he had been involved in running various MLM companies which included UProfitPro and The PowerLine 1000 Marketing System.

How it works

When a new member joins, they will pay a membership fee to the rest of the members and in return are given access to a whole resource of marketing and training ebooks which they can use to market and sell at a retail level to help people start their own businesses.

How much does it cost you?

In order to join, it requires an initial fee of $98 and then a recurring monthly charge of $19.95 and what you get for your fee is membership for this exclusive organization, a replicated capture website for online marketing and regular marketing materials so you can market to new members.

The catch though is this.

The way the compensation plan works is to pay out 100% commission on $98 sales that are made by recruiting members into the organization who each contribute the membership fee.

Network Marketing VT utilizes a 3-up commissions system which basically means that when you make your first 3 $98 sales commissions, you pass your commissions to your up line to the older members. Once you have recruited 3 members then you can start earning.

Then for each member that you recruit, they will do the same and pass up the commissions through to you and it builds from there.

So in order to make it work you need to be willing to put the work in to make it effective for you so you can reap the rewards as more members sign up new members.

This is the way that Network Marketing VT and their members make great revenues because 100% of the commissions that members receive are also generated by the membership sales fee that new members pay the company and are passed up the line to them. A great source of passive income!

This is how you make money through Network Marketing VT and also how you can attract others to do the same. The rewards are huge if you are prepared to invest yourself in this.

Jacquelyn Astwood here inviting you to Network Marketing VT, a training, coaching and software system that leverages the internet and the people we attract. Network Marketing VT takes you through each training webinar step-by-step. There's a host of free products that can be download in the backoffice.


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