Tips to Help You Succeed in Network Marketing

Don't go in blind to your network marketing opportunity. Use these tips to give you and your downline a competitive edge, that will result in your organisation building faster.

1. Concentrate On Your Work
Don't let yourself be distracted by other activities, like personal calls, Facebook, or games. For the time each day or each week that you set aside to work on your business, let nothing distract you from working. Most people only set aside a few hours per week for business building, so make that limited time count.

2. Keep Regular Hours
This has two benefits. It gives you and those around you a set schedule that you can get accustomed to. This helps prevent interruptions. Also, you can post your hours on a website or leave them on an answering machine message to better help your clients and/or customers know when to get ahold of you.

3. Hold Yourself Accountable
Write down the hours that you work. Keep an activity journal so you know what you're accomplishing in that time. Write any distractions that happen as well. Use this information to review your own performance once per month to see what areas you can improve in.

4. Focus on Income Producing Activities
If you make your money from sales calls, then this should be the only activity you do during your work time. Use other time for finding numbers, creating websites, or whichever other methods you use to get numbers to call. When it comes to work time, do only the activity that brings you money and nothing else.

5. Set Realistic Activity Goals
Don't set goals of how much money you want to make, because these can be very difficult to keep to on a time schedule. Set activity goals. Too many people waste too much time on research and learning and don't spend enough time actually doing the work they're supposed to do. Keep your goals activity-based and the money will follow.

6. Know Your Compensation Plan
Get to know exactly what activities bring you money, how much, and how they are all related. You want to know exactly which activities to focus on so you can budget your time accordingly. 80% of the work you do should be income producing activity. The other 20% is your research and support work. Knowing how your plan works can let you come up with the best method of how to build and grow.

7. Organize Your Downline
Certain businesses will actually reward you more if you can build your downline in a specific fashion, like the branches of a tree or "legs" in some businesses. Rather than just recruiting everyone beneath you directly, it may occasionally be in your best interests to give a direct recruit to one of your downline members in order to advance your ranking in the company to a better position. This will increase the commission you get from direct recruits for yourself and make you more money faster.

8. Motivate Your Team
When you've started recruiting people into your downline, you're going to want to make sure they're doing the work required to build their businesses. Their work, is your work at this point. If the people you recruit don't learn good habits, they won't pass these on to the people below them. Call your recruits weekly at first, until you start seeing them succeeding, after that, monthly to get a status report and see how their business building efforts are going. Reinforce any positive results they get to keep them happy with the business.

9. Train Your Downline
One of the major failures people subject themselves to is signing people up for their business and leaving them to the wolves. This is a fatal strategy, because those people will quit your business. Rather than recruiting hundreds of people and leaving them, take the time to train and help those people you recruit to learn how to build their businesses. This will ensure they stick around in your business, and pass on good traits to those that they recruit. Don't take on more recruits at a time than you can properly train and provide support to. If you're getting higher numbers than you can handle, pass off recruits to your downline. If you've trained them well, they will know all the tricks you know and their success if your success too.

10. Reward Your Successes
Regular acknowledgment of your successes helps to keep you focused and motivated. Each time you hit a new milestone, like a new rank in your company or a new level of income, treat yourself with something nice to reward your accomplishment. It's the same principle as congratulating your downline. A little treat helps the psyche and allows you to push onward.

Following these tips and tricks is not a guarantee of success, but it will put you miles ahead of most people who're looking to make money online. This list will help you avoid some of the classic blunders of people just getting into network marketing. If you'd like more one-on-one assistance with the troubles you might be having, my contact information can be found at the end of the video on my website. I'll do whatever I can to help people with their businesses.

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